Mayor's Office

City of Mount Vernon to Upgrade Water Mains

The Board of Water Supply is presently under contract to rehabilitate major distribution mains in various sections of Mount Vernon.  It is anticipated that construction will start on or after August 3, 2011.

 The locations of these mains are as follows:


  1. South 3rd Avenue from Washington Boulevard to 400 feet north of East 7th Street.
  2. South 4th Avenue from East 7th Street to Wildwood Avenue.
  3. Wildwood Avenue – entire length.
  4. Rockledge Avenue – entire length.
  5. Washington Boulevard – entire length.
  6. Knollwood Avenue – entire length.
  7. Saint Paul Place – entire length.
  8. Kingsbridge Plaza
  9. South 2nd Avenue from East Sandford Boulevard to the dead end.

10.  Tecumseh Avenue from East 4th Street to Seneca Avenue.

11.  Seneca Avenue from East 4th Street to Tecumseh Avenue.

 The nature of this project, i.e., cleaning and cement lining of existing old water mains, necessitates that all customers served by these mains be put on temporary services.  (Bypass pipes.)

 The temporary lines will be laid on top of the ground in the curb or sidewalk area and will provide buildings with water while the rehabilitation is progressing.  There may be some temporary inconveniences for residents in the affected areas, but they are outweighed by the overall benefits to the City, especially with regard to improved fire protection.

 For more information call the Mount Vernon Water Department at (914) 668-7820.